çChess Puzzles

Chess-Piece Arrangement Problems

by George Jelliss

The items on these pages are reproduced from several issues of The Games and Puzzles Journal, although some of the results were first published in other sources, such as Chessics. The Introduction to Part 1 contains information relevant to the other Parts as well.

Part 1: — Unguard Arrangements with Leapers.

Introduction — Free Leapers — Half-Free Leapers — Bound Leapers — Compound Leapers — Appendix.

Part 2: — Unguard Arrangements of Riders (and some other pieces).

Introduction — Riders (e.g. Rook) — Compound Riders (e.g. Queen) — Composite Riders (e.g. Rook + Knight) — Hoppers (e.g. Lion and Grasshopper).

Part 3: — Coverings using one type of piece.

Introduction — Leapers (e.g. Knight, King) — Riders (e.g. Rook) — Compound Riders (e.g. Queen) — Other pieces (e.g. Grasshopper).

Part 4: — Multiple Unguard Arrangements.

Introduction — Two Types — Three Types — Four of Five Types — Other Multiple Arrangements.

Part 5: — The Eight Officers.

Introduction — Unguard Arrangements — Coverings — Packings — Other problems.