The Games and Puzzles Journal

The journal was originally published in printed form, with a long break between the two series.
Volume 1, issues 1 - 12, 1987 - 1989.
Volume 2, issues 13 - 18, 1996 - 2000.
These are now available as PDFs, and can be downloaded from the Publications page of this website, where further details are given.

the G A M E S and
The On-line Journal for Mathematical Recreations
Issues 19 - 45, published 2001 - 2006
This is a reconstruction of all issues of the Games and Puzzles Journal published on-line. This display heading, appeared on the earlier issues but was later replaced by a smaller heading.
Copyright © G. P. Jelliss, and contributing authors. Partial results may be quoted provided proper acknowledgement of the source is given.

From 2001 the journal was published on-line, and no longer distributed in printed form.

There is also a more detailed list of contents in the style of the original index page for the journal.

Those interested in Sudoku (cf issue 42) may like to try one by Arto Inkala which is said to be "the most challenging possible". See: Arto_Inkala_Sudoku or worlds-hardest-sudoku.

About Changes to these Pages

Regrettably my old Games and Puzzles Journal site which was on a service called "connectfree" has been closed down (I first noticed this on 8 May 2013), so the link, which was "" no longer works. I have been expecting this to happen for several years, parts of the site having disappeared earlier. The site was set up in 2001 and ran until 2006, but then with a change to broadband connection I did not have dial-up access to the site, so was unable to update it.

With this is mind I kept back-up copies of most of the files on my computer, so have been able to reconstruct them here. However the figures for Issue 43, which were originally produced as an excel file and are shown on a separate page, were missing. Fortunately the author Awani Kumar had saved a copy from the connectfree site and has sent it to me.

Due to other computer problems the work that was done to produce the last issue, Number 45, was lost. However in April 2010 I recovered three of the articles that were to appear in it. Accordingly this is offered in the link above. It may eventually be possible to put together some other material. My apologies to Alexander Fischer, Laszlo Koltai and S. K. Singh for the delay in publishing their contributions.

If this site should go missing again, it can be recovered from the "Wayback Machine" copy in following the "http://" prompt, click on "Take Me Back", and go back to the calendar for 2012 and click on one of the dates highlighted there. [Incidentally the whole Mayhematics site is similarly preserved in the archive should it disappear!]

The notes about my orthodox chess play are now in the section on Games.