Grasshopper Chess: Helpmate in 4

Grasshopper Chess Introduction


4 men

Fairy Chess Review August 1940
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kf5 Kf8 2.Kg6 Ne2 3.Kh7 Nf4 4.Kh8 Ng6‡

Comment: Asymmetry, N-line.

Themes 64 1961
Helpmate in 4, (b) Bc5 to a7

(a) 1.Kd3 Gb6 2.Kc2 Be3 3.Kb1 Bc1 4.Ka1 Bb2‡
(b) 1.Kd5 Kb4 2.Kc6 Ga4 3.Kb7 Ka5 4.Ka8 Kb6‡

Comment: Mutate.

5 men, 2 types

B. Larsson
Tidskrift January 1930
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kf1 Gh5 2.Gg1 Kh4 3.Kg2 Gh2 4.Kh1 Kg3‡

Comments: Setting up GK battery

5 men, 3 types

C. Sommadossi
feenschach 1960
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Sc6 Gd6 2.Sd4 Gd3 3.Sb3 Ga3 4.Sa5 Ga6‡

Comments: Knight circuit.

F. M. Mihalek
British Chess Magazine 1975
Helpmate in 4, (b) Bf8 to a2, (c) Bf8 to e4

(a) 1.BKd5-e6-f7-g8 WKg6-h6 Gh7 Bg7‡
(b) 1.BKc5-d6-e7-f8, WKg6 Gf5 Gg7 Bf7‡
(c) 1.BKd4-e3-f2-g1, WKg4-h3 Gh2 Bg2‡

Comments: Echoes.

C. Gaulin
feenschach 1960
Helpmate in 4, (b) Gb7 to g7

(a) 1.Kb3 Kd4 2.Gb2 Ba4+ 3.Ka2 Kc4 4.Ka3 Bb3‡
(b) 1.Gd4 Gd5 2.Gf6 Kd4 3.Ka5 Kc4 4.Gb6 Bb5‡

Comments: Exact Echo: Reflection in 4th rank

J. Dohrn-Luttgens
feenschach 1954
Helpmate in 4, with set play

1....Bd2 2.Gc2 Gd5 3.Ke2 Kd4 4.Kd1 Ke3‡
1.Gc2 Bd2 2.Ge2 Gd5 3.Kc2 Kd4 4.Kd1 Kc3‡

Comments: Setting up GK battery. Exact Echo: Reflection in d file

M. Bukofzer
Fairy Chess Review June 1945
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kb6 (waiting move) Rf8 2.Kb7 Rg8 3.Gb8 Gh8 4.Ka8 Rg7‡

Comments: Set play is the same, without waiting move.
Compare B. Rehm 1974

B. Rehm (after M. Bukofzer 1945)
feenschach 1974
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kc3 Kh2 2.Kb2 Rg1 3.Gb1 Gh1 4.Ka1 Rg2‡

5 men, 4 types

J. Dohrn-Luttgens
feenscach 1952
Helpmate in 4, two ways

1.Kd6 Gd5 2.Kc7 Ba6 3.Kb8 Sc6+ 4.Ka8 Bb7‡
1.Kf4 Gd5 2.Kg3 Bf1 3.Kh2 Sf3+ 4.Kh1 Bg2‡

Comments: Echo: Diagonal reflection, symmetric mate

F. M. Mihalek
British Chess Magazine 1975
Helpmate in 4, (b) Kh5 to h6

(a) 1.Rd8 Sg2 2.Rd1 Gc1 3.Rd6 Kg3 4.Rh6 Sf4‡
(b) 1.Rc8 Kg3 2.Rc1 Gb1 3.Rc7 Kg4 4.Rh7 Sf5‡

Comments: Asymmetric. Echo. Translation {0,1}

A. Kniest
Bottrop Volks Ztg 20 November 1935
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Pa5 Bb8 2.Kb2 Ga8 3.Ka3 Ba7 4.Ka4 Bc5‡

Comments: Setting up of GB battery.

6 men 3 types (3G)

W. Hagemann
feenschach #755 1951
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Ge4 Rb5 2.Kd3 Rc5 3.Gd4 Rb5 4.Gc4 Rb3‡

Comments: G-wall, Double switchback by WR

C. Becker
feenschach #4806 1960
Helpmate in 4, 2 ways

Solution: 1.Re8+ Kc5 2.Gb5 Gh1 3.Rb8 Kc6 4.Gb7 Kb6‡ and symmetrically 1.Ra4+ etc.

Comments: Symmetric single-diagonal position.
Clearance of diagonal for Gs b7,g2 to pass in opposite directions.

K. Dittrich
Deutsche MarchenSchach #351 August 1932
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kb7 Ga6 2.Ga7 Gc8 3.Gb8 Ga8 4.Kxa8 Bc6‡

Comments: WG catalyst, Epaulette corner mate

J. Dohrn-Luttgens
feenschach #1496 1952
Helpmate in 4, 4 ways

1.Ge3 Bg6 2.Gg5 Gh6+ 3.Kg4 Gh7 4.Kh4 Bh5‡
1.Ge3 Gcf3 2.Gg5 Gd5 3.Kg4 Bf5+ 4.Kh4 Bh3‡
1.Ke3 Bc2 2.Gd2 Gc1+ 3.Ke2 Gb1 4.Ke1 Bd1‡
1.Ke3 Gcf3 2.Gd2 Gd5 3.Ke2 Bd3+ 4.Ke1 Bf1‡

Comments: Exact echoes. Reflection in a8-h1 diagonal. Ideal mates.

G. G. Nasra
Deutsche Schach Blatter #4533 15 November 1928
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kc2 Kg7 2.Gb1 Gh8 3.Kb2 Ga8 4.Ka1 Be5‡

Comments: Three-corner rattler

H. Perkins
Fairy Chess Review #3994 28 November 1939
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Bc7 Kf2 2.Gg7 Gf1 3.Gb7 Kg1 4.Bb8 Gh1‡

Comments: Long-stopped BG hurdle

F. Lindgren
Eskilstuna Kuriren #2498 27 October 1936
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Gb5 Se7 2.Kg4 Gd8 3.Kh5 Sf5 4.Gg5 Sh6‡

Comments: Long-stopped BG hurdle

T. R. Dawson
Chess Amateur #710 June 1925 (version Fairy Chess Review December 1945)
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Sd6 Gc5 2.Sf5 Gg5 3.Sg7 Gg8+ 4.Se8 Gd8‡

Comments: Possibly the first G helpmate. Knight Circuit

F. Kniest
Deitsche MarchenSchach Zeitung #239 February/March 1932
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Gf2 Pd4 2.Gc5 Pxc5 3.Gb6 Pxb6 4.Ga7 Pb7‡

Comments: Tempo (1....Pd4 2.Gc5 Pxc5 3.Gb5 Pxb5 waiting move)

F. Kniest
Deutsche MarchenSchach Zeitung #519 December 1932
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Ge4 Kc2 2.Gc4 Gd1 3.Gb4 Kb1 4.Ga4 Ga1‡

Comments: Leapfrog. Ideal mate.

6 men 3 types (2G)

F. R. Adcock
Chess Amateur #F1043 July 1927
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Rg8 Rg5+ 2.Kf4 Kf2 3.Ge4 Ra5 4.Rg4 Ga4‡

Comments: Blocked BG

O. Binkert
Fairy Chess Review #8137 1949
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kh7 Bg7 2.Gg8 Bh6+ 3.Kh8 Kb7 4.Bh7 Ga8‡

Comments: As published WK was at a7 with 3....Ga1 intended, but 3....Kb7 was a dual.

J. Dohrn-Luttgens
Problem 1955
Helpmate in 4, (a) with set play, (b) WK,WG down one rank

(a) 1....Se6 2.Ge5 Gc8 3.Gh2 Sf5 4.Kh3 Sf4‡
1.Kg1 Se6 2.Ge5 Gf6 3.Gg7 Sd4 4.Gg2 Sf3‡

(b) 1.Kf3 Se2 2.Ke4 Kd7 3.Kd5 Se6 4.Ge5 Sc3‡

Comments: Changed ideal mates, away from board edge in (b)

6 men 4 types (2G)

W. Pauly
Deutsche MarchenSchach Zeitung #240 February/March 1932
Helpmate in 4 with set play

1....Rg7 2.Kh3 Gh8 3.Kh2 Ga8 4.Kh1 Rg2‡
1.Kh5 Kb7 2.Kh6 Ga8 3.Kh7 Ga1 4.Kh8 Rg7‡

Comments: Echo, corner rattler

G. G. Nasra and C. Riga
Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement #1884 June 1935
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kf4 Bh1 2.Gg3 Gg2 3.Ge5 Pe3+ 4.Ke4 Gd5‡

Comments: BG battery set up

J. M. Trillon
Feenschach 1973
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Kc7 Gh8 2.Kb7 Se7 3.Ga8 Gh1 4.Ka7 Sc6‡

Comments: Interchange of Gs a8-h1

E. Albert
Feenschach Aufsatze 1963
Helpmate in 4 with set play

1....Gg7 2.Gd5 Pe3 3.Ke5 Ke7 4.Gf5 Sf6‡
1.Gd7 Gc7 2.Gf5 Pe3 3.Ke5 Ke7 4.Gd5 Sd6‡

Comments: Exact echo, reflection in e-file. Ideal mate.

6 men 4 types (1G)

J. B. Verdonk (correction by N. M. Gibbins)
Fairy Chess Review #5446 August 1943
Helpmate in 4, 2 ways

1.Pb2 Kd4 2.Bg8 Kc3 3.Bh7 Gh8 4.Bb1 Kb3‡
1.Pb2 Kb5 2.Bc4+ Ka4 3.Bf1 Ka3 4.Pb1=G Ge1‡

Comments: Blocked BP and BG.

L. Lazarus
Fairy Chess Review #3425 December 1938
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Pg2 Pf5 2.P=G Ge4 3.Gg8 Pf6+ 4.Kh8 Ga8‡

Comments: BG stopped by board edge.

G. Bernecker
L'Echiquier #193 April 1926
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Ga7 Pd4 2.Gc5 Pxc5 3.Sc6 Pxb6 4.Sa7 Pb7‡

Comments: Elimination of G. Ideal mate.

6 men 5 types

T. Briedis
feenschach #3034 1956
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Rg1 Gh8 2.Kg4 Bf6 3.Kh5 Ge5 4.Rg4 Bg5‡

Comments: Ideal mate.

J. B. Verdonk
Tijds v.d. N. S. 1940
Helpmate in 4, 2 ways

1.Ra7 Bb4 2.Rh7 Gh8 3.Rh2 Ba3 4.Ra2 Bb2‡
1.Ra7 Kc2 2.Rh7 Gh8 3.Ra7 Bc1 4.Ra2+ Bb2‡

Comments: BR cycle or switchback. Bishop check is incidental.

F. Kniest
Schachmatt 1948
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.00 Gh8 2.Rf7 Gf8 3.Rg7 Be6+ 4.Kh8 Gh6‡

Comments: WG circuit. Legality of castling is assumed, it cannot be proved.

G. J. Sontag
feenschach #5126 1961
Helpmate in 4

Solution: 1.Sg4 Gh4 2.Sf2 Ge1 3.Sd1 Ka3 4.Pb1=G Gxc1‡

Comments: BG blocked by BS.

7 men

C. E. Kemp
Fairy Chess Review #8017 April 1949
Helpmate in 4 (b) Be7 to e1

(a) 1.Rf2 Bd8 2.Rc2 Ge2 3.Kd4 Gd1 4.Kc3 Ba5‡
(b) 1.Rf5 Ge2 2.Rd6 Ba5 3.Rg6 Gh5+ 4.Kf6 Bd8‡

Comments: Change of axis from diagram to mate. Set without WK.

C. E. Kemp
Fairy Chess Review #8423 November 1949
Helpmate in 4, (b) Bh7 to e4

(a) 1.Rd2 Gc1 2.Kd1 Ge3 3.Rf2 Bd3 4.Ke1 Be2‡
(b) 1.Kd2 Gc1 2,Rf2 Ge3 3.Ke1 Bf3 4.Rdd2 Be2‡

Comments: Same mate in each part. Change of axis from diagram to mate. Set without WK.

8 men

Greetings from Egypt to T. R. Dawson 1939
Helpmate in 4
Motto: “The watchman”

Solution: 1.Ga6-e2 Gd3-h7 (the asymmetric move) 2.Kd3 Ge3-e1 3.Gg6-c2 Gc3-c1 4.Gd4-d2 Ge1-b1‡ (Gc2-e4 causes self-check by Gh7)

Theme: Asymmetry


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Solution: 1. ‡