Grasshopper Chess: Mate in 3

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5 men 3 types

A. H. Kniest
Caissas Frohliche Tiefgarage #13L 1970
Mate in 3

Solution: 1.Se5 Kh8 2.Gd5 Kg8 3.Sf7‡

Comments: Asymmetry, switchback.

A. Kniest
Bottrop Volks Ztg April 1936
Mate in 3

Solution: 1.Kc3 Gb1/a2 2.Rb8/h2 Ka2/b1 3.Ra8/h1‡

Comments: Symmetry

W. Kramer
Deutsche Marchenschach Zeitung December 1931
Mate in 3, with set play

Solution: set 1....Ge2 2.Gf1 Gg2 3.Gh3‡
play 1.Gf1 Ge2 2.Gf3 Gg4 3.Gh5‡

5 men, 4 types

W. E. Lester
FCR #6908 August 1946
Mate in 3

Solution: 1.Gb2 unstalemating Kb8 2.Bb6 Ka8 3.Rc8‡

6 men 4 types

T. R. Dawson
Western Morning News 20 December 1930 (version)
Mate in 3

1....Kxa2 2.Kc1 Ka1 3.Ra3‡
1....Gb1 2.Kb3 Gb4 3.Rg1‡

Comments: Last move P(x)h8=G. As published, with Gh8 at g7 for 1.Rh3, the position was illegal.

T. R. Dawson
Pittsburgh Sun August 1926
Mate in 3 with set play

1....GxPh2 2.RxPf3 Ge2 3.Rh3‡
1.Rh7 Gh6 2.Rh8 KxPh2 3.RxGh6‡

Comments: Changed play. Irreversible G-move in set play. Stranded G in actual play.

G. Bernecker
L'Echiquier #225 June 1926
Mate in 3

Solution: 1.Pg3 Gb7 2.Gg4 Gd7 3.Gc8‡

Comments: Rudimentary

H. Hultberg
L'Echiquier May 1929
Mate in 3 with set play

1....Gh3 2.Ph8=Q/R‡
1.Ph8=G Gh3 2.Gh2 any 3.Sc7‡

Comments: Changed promotion.

6 men, 5 types

H. Hultberg
L'Echiquier November 1928
Mate in 3 with set play

1....Gc8 2.Pxc8=B Sd7†/S-else 3.Bxd7/Bb7‡
1.Rf8 Ge8 2.Pxe8=B Sd7†/S-else 3.Bxd7/Bc6‡

Comments: Underpromotion to avoid stalemate.

J. Manskopf
Die Schwalbe July 1928
Mate in 3

Solution: 1.Bg7 Gh8 2.Ba1 Gb8 3.PxGb8=Q/R‡

Comments: B and G interchange. White shepherds G to required destination.

Miss D. D'Sylva
Fairy Chess Review #7239, April 1947
Mate in 3

1...Ga4 2.Rb6 Ga8 3.Sb5‡
1...Ge1 2.Pc6 Ge3 3.Rb7‡

Comments: BG bystander in second mate.

11 men

Fairy Chess Review 1939
Mate in 3 (11 men)

Solution: 1.Kb3
1...Kb6 2.Bf2† Ka5 3.Ga3‡
1...Gf5/1 2.Ga3†† Kb6 3.Bf2‡
1...Ge5 2.Gf6† Gb4 3.B×b4‡

Comment: Elegant model mates. Three variations, unspectacular.


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