Knight's Tour Notes
Compiled by George Jelliss © 2000 – 2020

A version of these Knight's Tour Notes is now (September 2019) available on the publications page in the form of twelve PDFs. Those new to the subject may like to see some selected Highlights. I have also reproduced here an older essay Introducing Knight's Tours since I have found it was cited in several sources. For a record of changes to this website and a history of this work on knight's tours see the Archive Page. Asterisked pages (*) outside the magic knight section also include magic or semimagic results.

Early History of Knight's Tours
Rediscovery of the Knight's Problem
Rhombic Tours and Roget's Method
History of Magic Knight's Tours *
Indian Tours
Representation of Knight's Tours

Chronology: Before 1800
Chronology: 1800 to 1899
Chronology: 1900 to 1999
Chronology: 2000s

Theory of Moves and Pieces
Theory of Journeys
Shortest Path Problem
Non-Intersecting Paths
-- with high symmetry Mar 2015

Knight-Move Geometry
Symmetry in Knight's Tours
Simple-Linking of Pseudotours

Odd Square Boards
6×6 Symmetric
6×6 with 4 or 12 Slants
6×6 with 6 or 10 Slants
6×6 with 8 Slants

8×8 Board: Counting Tours
Rhombic Tours with 4 Slants
Graphical 8×8 Tours: Lines
Collinian Tours
Crosspatch Tours
Octonarian Tours
Vandermondian Tours
Mixed Quaternary Symmetry
8×8 Symmetric Tours Oct 2015
Rhombic Halfboard Tours Feb 2016
Symmetric Rhombic Tours Mar 2016
Quaternary Pseudotours Sep 2016

10×10 Board
Even Larger Boards Apr 2019

3×N Knight Tours Open
3×N Knight Tours Closed
4×N Knight Tours
Larger Oblongs
6×7 Extra Diagrams

Theory of Magic
Torus Tours

Theory of Magic Knight's Tours
Oblong Magic Knight Tours Oct 2019
Semi-Magic Knight Tours
Semi-Magic 4×N
Semi-Magic 6×N
Semi-Magic 8×N

8×8 Magic Knight's Tours
Catalogue of 8×8 Magic Kt Tours
Catalogue: The Rhombic Tours
Catalogue: The Beverley Tours
Catalogue: The Irregular Tours

12×12 Magic
16×16 Magic
Larger Magic Apr 2019

Smallest Tourable Boards
Open Tours
Octonary Symmetry
Direct Quaternary
Direct Binary
Oblique Quaternary Shaped
Oblique Quaternary Holey
Oblique Binary

King *
Riders *
Leapers at Large *
Imperial Tours *
Princely Tours
Fiveleaper *
Multimovers *

Honeycomb Pieces
Space Pieces *

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